First Things in 2017

We didn’t stay up till midnight on NYE, we were tired at 11:30 so we went to bed.  But when I woke up I had this idea.  I wanted to document the firsts of 2017

First thing I did: checked my instagram and looked at cute puppies.
First thing I said: Happy new year, baby (To Katie, of course 😉 )
First thing I read: a post about things to do when visiting a friend with a newborn (I [heart] Offbeat Home.
First thing I prepared: I’m making a pot of Fairy Dust tea right now!  This is also the first thing I consumed.
First thing I wrote: THIS POST!
First thing I looked at on Ravelry: Qwist Mitts, also the first pattern I bought this year.
First Game that I played: Pokemon Go!

First thing I did: Read Instagram :3 It’s my waking-up ritual.
First thing I said: “Happy New Year” in response to Rachel 🙂
First thing I ate/drank: Ramen! And fairy dust tea.
First Game that I played: Oblivion. Not as pretty or as culturally complex as Skyrim, but I want to be part of Skyrim’s history and experience more of the lore!
First thing I wore: Rachel’s UNH sweatshirt.
First thing I bought: Three big rolls of wrapping paper for $1.83! Yay, after-Christmas sale.
First project I worked on: My cross-stitch of a little whale! It’s ALMOST DONE.

Happy New Year! ❤