I wrote a tarot deck review

I’m putting some of my tarot content in my tarot and knitting blog, so I had to take a minute to squee that I wrote a review of one of my favorite tarot decks over at The Wooly Witch.  Take a look if you like!

In other news, Katie and I are getting REALLY excited, the annual May Day Faerie Festival is SOON!  End of the month!  We have so much that we want to get ready before then and we’ll probably be scrambling to do everything at the last minute like we always do, but that’s fine.  Everything is okay at Spoutwood.  I CAN’T WAIT TO BE THERE!!

We’ve started subscribing to this meal delivery thing called Blue Apron.  Every week they send us a box of fresh ingredients enough to make 3 meals and we chop and prep veggies and cook ourselves a vegetable laden meal.  It’s been lovely, and it’s definitely getting us to eat more fresh vegetable.  It’s not cheap, but we also aren’t wasting any food.  So far we’ve loved all but one of the meals (it was just okay, not bad) and it’s been fun to get the boxes in the mail and cook new exciting things!

Also I dyed my hair blue again!  It matches the yarn I got in my yarn club this month!


I love love love the color.

That’s it for now!  See you at Spoutwood!