A multihued beginning: Arboreal Rainbow

Here there be dragons.

Okay, so it’s more like here will be knitting, ferns, tea, and magic. Β My wife, Katie, and I share a little white house in New Hampshire with our two cats, two finches, and too much wool (it’s all mine).

I’m a librarian who loves knitting, spinning wool, and making messes in her studio.

Rachel at the Fairie Festival 2015

Katie is a writer who loves ferns, trees, and art supplies.

Katie at the Fairie Festival 2015

We got married in sandals in a backyard almost eight years ago and we try to fill our lives with faerieΒ things, magic spells, and tasty noms. Β You’ll find glitter glued to the floor of my studio (it was mostly an accident–a happy accident), antique field guides to birds and wildflowers overflowing Katie’sΒ shelves, and a pot of tea brewing when you’re at our house.

And these are our adventures.