Reverb 2016: White Elephant

White Elephant: What are the gifts you’re looking forward to giving, or hoping to receive?

Rachel: I’m looking forward to my knitting group’s holiday swap.  Each year we buy some yarn and add a little handmade something and we have a Yarnkee (Yankee) swap.  It’s fun seeing what everyone makes and buys!

I also did a lot of gift knitting this year because we’re a little snug with our funds this year. I’m really hoping that everyone likes the things I picked out for them!  I’m looking forward to being able to blog about the knitting, but I can’t do that quite yet.  Spoilers!

Katie: I’m looking forward to getting some stuff for my 18th century ensemble that I wear when I roleplay at my museum job :3 Currently a bit obsessed with it. I’m looking forward to giving handmade gifts to our families and to giving a few carefully chosen things to our friends :3 But, like Rachel said–spoilers!


#Reverb 2016: Cozy

Cozy: Some of us live on the Tundra, while others live where the tumbleweeds roll.  Either way, we still have to nest when December rolls around.  What keeps you cozy through the wintertime?

Rachel – We live in more of a tundra type area (New Hampshire) so we batten down the hatches and bundle up in blankets and piles and piles of knitting.

A few years ago I wanted to do this sock knitting thing where I was supposed to knit one pair of socks every month and I failed miserably!  But I’m thinking this could be the year where I manage it.  Or at least maybe I could knit a pair every other month.  Handknit socks are a glorious thing, made to fit your exact foot size!  The pair you see here is my Business in the Clouds socks.

Also cozy making – lots of hot soups and fresh baked bread.  I’m going to make this winter the winter of bread baking!  I’ve got a decent grasp on the basics I think so I want to expand!

And speaking of cozy, the most cozy thing about our house is the kitties and us.  I love when Katie and I spend an evening watching silly shows and movies together with a cat on each lap.  So much FUR, so much love. 🙂

Katie – TEA. ALL THE FRIGGING TEA IN THE WORLD. In the last couple of years, I’ve really started to feel the cold. I don’t think it used to bother me quite as much. Luckily, we have a huge wall of tea and two electric tea kettles (I can only find one at the moment, but it’s the big one, so no matter).

My favorite teas lately have been genmaicha from Dobra Tea in Portland, Maine (a hearty, filling green tea made with toasted rice) and rose and lavender black tea from The Clipper Merchant Tea House in Limerick, Maine. My rose and lavender tea is like four years old, too, and it’s still such a perfect mix of lovely aromas and delicate taste. I don’t even like black tea all that much, but this one is divine.

A new tea that we just got is Highland Organics Blue Mellow-Yellow tea (“A taste of wild Maine in every cup!”). It’s wild Maine blueberry tea with lemon peel and lavender, and it is freaking incredible. The only drawback is that the package was like $12 and there are only 6 tea bags in it :\ The instructions say they’re designed to be steeped at least 3-5 times, but I steeped one bag 4 times and it had lost all the blueberry and lemon taste by the last steeping (though the lavender was still present). Still, it’s such good tea that for a splurge it was worth it.

Aside from wrapping myself in several thousand blankets and sweaters, the other thing I like to do to batten down in the winter is play video games :3 We love to play them at all times of the year, of course, but winter seems to be our peak video gaming season, particularly when it comes to DS games. Rachel and I just got Pokemon Moon and Sun (respectively) and we’ve been playing them at all hours…usually, as Rachel mentioned above, with at cat on each lap ❤

A multihued beginning: Arboreal Rainbow

Here there be dragons.

Okay, so it’s more like here will be knitting, ferns, tea, and magic.  My wife, Katie, and I share a little white house in New Hampshire with our two cats, two finches, and too much wool (it’s all mine).

I’m a librarian who loves knitting, spinning wool, and making messes in her studio.

Rachel at the Fairie Festival 2015

Katie is a writer who loves ferns, trees, and art supplies.

Katie at the Fairie Festival 2015

We got married in sandals in a backyard almost eight years ago and we try to fill our lives with faerie things, magic spells, and tasty noms.  You’ll find glitter glued to the floor of my studio (it was mostly an accident–a happy accident), antique field guides to birds and wildflowers overflowing Katie’s shelves, and a pot of tea brewing when you’re at our house.

And these are our adventures.