Reverb 2016: Personality

Personality.  Has this busy and festive month got all the Introverts like…  wah!  And all the extroverts like…  yeah!  Tell us how your personality enhances or takes away from the current mood.  What are your strategies to deal?

Rachel: Katie and I are pretty introverted.  So we have to sort of balance things all the time anyway.  I lean a little over-committed as I try to do ALL THE THINGS.  But we’re both not-so-secretly relieved when we can skip something.

For example, we have lovely neighbors who are thoughtful and helpful and are around our parents’ age.  They have a Christmas party every year and they invite us, which is very neighborly and kind.  But we have nothing at all in common with anyone else who attends so we just end up kind of sitting there smiling uncomfortably making small talk about nothing.  It’s incredibly draining and there are always people who get uncomfortably drunk and get really loud and act like morons.  I have no idea what you do with drunk people.  It’s just not a type of person I’ve ever been around.  I’ve never seen my parents drunk, and none of my friends were the drinking sort.  At social events people may have a drink or two tops but no one is drunk or starts acting weird.

This year the Christmas party fell on the same day as Gingerbread Day, so JOY, we didn’t have to go!  I feel kind of guilty that we missed it, but mostly relieved that we didn’t have to deal with all that.  But I feel the urge to bake a batch of cookies and bring it next door to make up for it.  That I could deal with.  🙂

Katie: I’m right there with Rachel on the neighbors’ Christmas party. We were both so relieved that Gingerbread Day fell on the same day this year! Gingerbread Day is an ABSOLUTE PLEASURE and we both look forward to it like crazy. One of our dearest friends has the nicest family imaginable, and her wonderful sister and brother-in-law invite us to their house to make gingerbread houses with their immediate family. It’s just us, our friend, her sisters (plus an awesome husband), and her mom and dad. We have snacks and make silly gingerbread houses and listen to Christmas music, and usually we have pizza, and it’s PERFECT ❤

I’m so darn relieved this year that I don’t have office holiday things to deal with, too. They were always so stressful. Since Christmas Day with my family is extremely low-key, the only real introvert-unfriendly holiday gathering we have to deal with is the neighbors’ party…and we didn’t this year 🙂