Reverb 2016: White Elephant

White Elephant: What are the gifts you’re looking forward to giving, or hoping to receive?

Rachel: I’m looking forward to my knitting group’s holiday swap.  Each year we buy some yarn and add a little handmade something and we have a Yarnkee (Yankee) swap.  It’s fun seeing what everyone makes and buys!

I also did a lot of gift knitting this year because we’re a little snug with our funds this year. I’m really hoping that everyone likes the things I picked out for them!  I’m looking forward to being able to blog about the knitting, but I can’t do that quite yet.  Spoilers!

Katie: I’m looking forward to getting some stuff for my 18th century ensemble that I wear when I roleplay at my museum job :3 Currently a bit obsessed with it. I’m looking forward to giving handmade gifts to our families and to giving a few carefully chosen things to our friends :3 But, like Rachel said–spoilers!


Reverb 2016: Best Gift I Ever Got

The Best Gift I Ever Got: We all remember That One Gift that gave us The Most Joy.  Show us what that gift was for you and describe why it makes gives you all the feels.

Rachel:   I think the best gift I ever got was my first spinning wheel.  I’d learned how to drop spindle spin at Fiber Camp and I was itching to try out a wheel.  But they’re expensive and at that time they were completely out of reach for us money wise.  So I had sort of resigned myself to having to save for a couple of years or else just not have one.

I was sharing my pictures of my spindle spun yarn on my livejournal and lusting after wheels I saw.  A friend of Katie’s who we knew through livejournal read my posts and told me that she had a spinning wheel sitting in her attic collecting dust and that if I wanted it, it was mine.  She even had it mailed to me!

New Spinning Wheel!

She arrived safe and sound, well padded by piles and piles of wool!  It was love at first sight.


New Spinning Wheel! And in no time at all I was spinning some AWFUL yarn on her! 1st spinning attempts on the wheel

But, as they say, I got better 🙂 Over those intervening years, I’ve improved at least a little 😉 But it it hadn’t been for Pam’s astounding generosity, I wouldn’t have been able to have a spinning wheel for years. Spinning brings me so much comfort and happiness and I can’t thank her enough. I LOVE my little Ashford Scholar.


This last year I was able to afford a second wheel, an Ashford Joy and now that we’re a two wheel household I can start teaching other people!!  So, yes, that little trusty wheel is one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten.