Reverb 2016: A Day in the Life

A day in the life.  Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays can be busy days and they can also be lazy recovery days.  Tell us about yours (or your plans for a day this weekend) from top to bottom.

Rachel: We’ve got a somewhat busy weekend planned this weekend.  Tonight we it’s game night with our friends.  We’re playing in a Deadlands Noir game where our characters just suddenly sailed into the Bermuda Triangle and ended up hundreds and hundreds of years in the future.  And in the middle of a desert instead of the Caribbean.  It should be interesting!  There are zombies walking around and talking robots instead of the Tommy guns and trenchcoats we’re more used to.

UntitledSaturday is a day that I look forward to every December, we’re headed to a different friend’s house for Gingerbread Day!!  For the last several years we’ve spent a day decorating gingerbread houses.  I’ve made some pretty odd ball ones.  I had the Supernatural House one year, complete with gingerbread Dean Winchester and his candy cane flame thrower.  Then last year I made the Night Vale radio station/secret surveillance center.  I have no idea what I’ll do this year.

On Sunday Katie is working for Strawbery Banke.  She’s roleplaying a lady named Dorothy Holt in 1943 and her outfit looks SO GOOD.  You guys, OMG, red lipstick and a gorgeous headscarf… she looks AWESOME  *grin*.

And then I need to get myself to the post office somewhere in there!  Wish me luck!

Katie: My plans are the same as Rachel’s! Who knew? XD Like she mentioned, I’ll be playing Dorothy Holt on Sunday at Strawbery Banke, our local living history museum. We’re putting on the annual Candlelight Stroll, which is an enormous event that fills our entire grounds with roleplayers, ice skaters, horses and carriages, carolers, theater productions…you name it. I’m hoping to try out some curlers for my hair. Last week I just made a little poof with my sort-of-bangs (I’m growing out a pixie cut) and this time I’d like to see if I can get them to look curly. Still going to wear the headscarf, of course, to hide the back of my hair, which isn’t really long enough to curl.


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