Reverb 2016: Just Not That Into It

Just Not That Into It: Everyone has their own tipping point. What do you hate about the holidays?

Rachel: I’m a pretty big fan of the winter holidays.  Christmas, Solstice, Yule, Channukah (which I don’t celebrate but still think is pretty dang cool), and the rest.  The one thing that really irritates me is the whole “war on Christmas” shit that the far right tries to shove down everyone’s throats.  Wishing someone “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” isn’t some evil satanic plot to take the Christ out of Christmas.  It’s just a nice inclusive way of wishing you well.

I’ve never personally had anyone chew me out for wishing them Happy Holidays, but I sort of imagine it’s because I live in New England where everyone is of the mindset (for better or worse) that you should mind your own damn business and not be about telling everyone else what they ought to do.

Now, granted, I’m not a Christian, but from what I remember Jesus was big on the “do unto others as you would have done unto you” kind of thing and I bet that is someone wished him happy holidays he’d have smiled and wished them the same.

Really, that whole war on Christmas stuff is just a con that they’re selling you.  Christians aren’t persecuted in this country, it’s just that other groups are asking to be allowed to join the party and some of those way right types think that any inclusion of others means they get less.

But, like Aubrey, I prefer to focus on the happy stuff.  Like decorating our tree and putting lights all over the house!  With that, I wish you all Happy Holidays whatever you celebrate or don’t celebrate, I hope the season finds you happy and healthy and well.

Katie: There isn’t a lot I hate about winter holidays, since I’m fortunate enough that they’ve always been relatively low-key in my family. The thing that comes to mind is that I really disliked the mindset of obligatory participation that I used to encounter when I worked at an office (that won’t be a problem this year, HA!). Rachel and I have always had to carefully plan our holiday gift budget, and something would always come up suddenly at work where we were required to buy a random, impersonal gift for the office’s Yankee Swap. Or two of them, depending on how many swaps were going on there.

My managers never quite got the idea that the dollar limits they set might be too high for some people :\ Especially when I’d pretty much be guaranteed not to get anything I’d have a use for in return. (People at my office gave a lot of booze.) In the last few years, though, some of my more outspoken coworkers convinced the management to stop making these multiple swaps mandatory. So that was good 🙂

I’m happy to have shaken off the feeling of having to give my friends and family a certain amount of stuff, as well. They always like the thoughtful things better ❤


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